What can I do to protect my oaks from oak wilt?

The best way to protect oak trees is to avoid pruning or wounding oak trees/roots between April and June, the highest risk time for new infections. Best practice is to prune oaks between November and early March, during the time that carries “no” risk for oak wilt transmission. To see if it is safe to prune oak trees, visit the University of Minnesota oak wilt webpage.

If there is an oak wilt pocket near your property, control measures can be taken to help limit the spread to your trees. Common control measures include the separation of root grafts between like-species oaks, chemical injections, and good sanitation practices. Root graft disruptions and chemical injections of healthy trees should always be done before the infected tree is removed. Keep in mind that OW does not discern property lines and often the best solution is to work with neighbors to stop the spread of the disease.

If you would like more information on OW, visit our Oak Tree Diseases webpage.

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