Utility Billing

Pay and View Your Utility Bill Online

You can make a payment online or mail a check for your current amount due and sign up for auto pay for future payments.
 If you have additional questions, call Utility Billing at 952-985-4580. Due to the high volume of calls, our response time may be delayed.

Consider opting out of receiving paper bills to save the City the cost of printing and mailing them. Our online electronic billing and payment service is free, convenient and secure.

There are two ways to pay your utility bill:

Pay Online

Register for online billing and payments through PSN 

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Call to Pay

If you have problems with online registration, making a payment, setting up recurring auto pay or don’t have a computer, call 877-885-7968 during business hours for additional help or to pay by phone. 

When you dial this number, you will hear a greeting that says, “Welcome to PSN, an invoice cloud service.” If you do not hear this greeting, hang up and dial again.

Even if you prefer to receive paper bills, you can still pay your bill electronically with this service.

Utility bills are sent out quarterly, through the City's Finance Department. Your utility bill includes fees for water, sanitary sewer, street lighting services, environmental resources and state testing.

The City has a contract with RMR Services to read residential meters for billing. The meter readers wear identifying clothing and drive specially marked cars. Meter readers record usage from the outside readout device - they do not need to enter your home.

Utility Rates

Utility Payment Drop Box

A utility payment drop box is available at Lakeville City Hall, 20195 Holyoke Avenue.