How do I dispose of the wood and brush debris?

All debris can be taken to approved wood utilization sites. Infested ash wood should only be transported to sites within current Dakota County Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) quarantines

Wood may be chipped to 1” x 1” pieces and used on site as mulch. 

Do not keep infested ash or diseased elm wood as firewood. Leaving bark intact on ash and elm wood allows emerald ash borer and Dutch elm disease to continue to reproduce and spread the infestation/infection further. Diseased oak wood may be kept onsite if tarped. Visit the DNR Oak Wilt Management webpage for more information.

Do not sell the firewood or take it outside of quarantine areas. Moving infested/diseased wood can accelerate the spread of insects and disease and may violate the law. To learn why this is discouraged, visit the MDA Firewood Information webpage.

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