What should I ask for when I am hiring an arborist or tree company?

Always get 2-3 written price quotes before you choose one company, ask to see proof of liability insurance and do NOT pay the company until the work is complete.

Be wary of people that go door-to-door soliciting business, even if they did good work for your neighbor.

Before hiring a company, make sure they understand what is expected with the tree removal including timeline, wood removal or chipping, and stump debarking. You do not need to grind out the stump if the bark is removed off the stump.

At this time, City of Lakeville does not require tree care companies to be licensed to work in Lakeville. All tree care contractors in Minnesota are required to be registered through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). If you need help finding a contractor near you, try searching the MDA Tree Registry List. For more tips, visit our How to Hire a Tree Contractor webpage.

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