What documentation is required at time of application?

A completed application form with all questions answered. No additional documentation is required with the application form. If your application is selected and verified, additional documentation will be requested via email.

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1. How much money is available in the third round of the Lakeville Small Business Emergency Grant Program?
2. What amount can my business receive from that fund?
3. How will funding decisions be made?
4. How will the grant program administrator communicate with me?
5. When will I know if my business has been awarded a grant?
6. How quickly will I receive the grant funds once my application has been approved?
7. What does "permanent physical location in the Lakeville city boundaries" mean?
8. My restaurant has a drive-thru window and/or had no interior dine-in seating prior to March 1, 2020. Am I eligible to receive a grant?
9. My business was allowed to open at a reduced capacity on December 19, 2020, per MN Executive Order 20-103. Am I still eligible for a grant?
10. I have previously received COVID-related emergency small business grant funding from Lakeville, Dakota County and/or MN DEED. Should I apply?
11. I have received federal emergency funding through either the PPP or EIDL, am I eligible to apply and receive Lakeville funds?
12. What documentation is required at time of application?
13. What documentation is required after the application, but prior to receiving a grant?
14. Do I have to have a certain number of employees to qualify?
15. How will my credit score affect my application?
16. I need help filling out this application or I have a general question about the application process. Who should I contact?