How will my credit score affect my application?

Credit score will not affect your eligibility or selection for funding.

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1. How much money is available in the Lakeville Small Business Emergency Grant Program?
2. What amount can my business receive from that fund?
3. When and where can I apply?
4. How will funding decisions be made?
5. When will I know if my business has been awarded a grant?
6. How quickly will I receive the grant funds once my application has been approved?
7. What does "locally owned and operated" and "physical establishment in the City of Lakeville" mean?
8. I have applied for COVID-related emergency small business funding through Dakota County and/or MN DEED, but don't yet know if I will receive funding. Should I apply?
9. Are there small business funding programs still available through MN DEED or Dakota County? If so, where do I apply?
10. I have received federal emergency funding through either the PPP or EIDL, am I eligible to apply and receive Lakeville funds?
11. What questions will be on the application? How long will it take to complete?
12. What documentation is required at time of application?
13. What documentation is required after the application, but prior to receiving a grant?
14. My business had between 1-25 FTE employees prior to the COVID crisis, but currently all employees have been laid off. Am I eligible to apply?
15. I am a sole proprietor. Do I qualify for the grant program?
16. How will my credit score affect my application?
17. I need help filling out this application or I have a general question about the application process. Who should I contact?