Who do I contact for animal-related calls?

If you have a concern regarding wildlife in your yard/neighborhood, contact a wildlife expert. The City of Lakeville will only remove some wildlife and in limited situations (sick/injured/deceased).

Coyotes are a part of the community. We have more information on our Coyotes in Lakeville webpage.

When looking for a missing pet:

  • Alert your neighbors as quickly as possible.
  • Notify your veterinary clinic.
  • Make sure your pet’s microchip info is updated with your current contact information.
  • Additional lost and found pet resources can be found on the Humane Society's website.
  • You can also try calling Dakota Pet Hospital at 952-469-1525 and local shelters.

The Lakeville Police Department does not house any animals or have pets for adoption.

The City of Lakeville does not have a cat ordinance and will not pick up any cats. Instead, you can contact a local shelter.

For other concerns, call Lakeville Police by dialing 911 or 651-322-2323 (Dakota 911), or you may also leave a message for a Community Service Officer at 952-985-2880.

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