South Creek Restoration at Hamburg Avenue

This project includes the restoration of South Creek and a tributary southeast of the intersection of Hamburg Avenue South Creekand Lakeville Boulevard. Approximately 1,400 linear feet of channel will be restored and six acres of existing agricultural land will be converted to native vegetation buffering the creeks. 

The reach to be restored currently lacks in-stream habitat and has been significantly channelized and over-widened. The project will incorporate features to improve quantity and diversity of aquatic habitat in the DNR designated trout stream.  The project will also stabilize and reduce erosion within the stream banks, reducing in-stream sediment loading.

August 26, 2019 Update: Cross vanes and rock riffles have been installed at various locations through the length of the restoration, directing stream flow away from the banks. Brush mattresses (interlaced live branches collected from the site) have been installed on the banks to reduce slope erosion. Root wads (larger trees with well-established roots collected from the site) have been placed on the north bank of the South Creek tributary confluence, which provide natural toe-of-slope stabilization and fish habitat.

South Creek

Update: Restoration began August 8, 2019. To date, the streambank has been cleared of nuisance trees and vegetation to allow for stream reshaping, native plantings and creation of aquatic habitat. The project will be completed by fall of 2019.

The project was made possible through a partnership with the Vermillion River Watershed Joint Powers Organization with funding from the DNR Conservation Partners Legacy grant.

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