ADA Transition Plan

What is an ADA Transition Plan?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted on July 26, 1990, is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against individuals based on disability. The City of Lakeville has prepared a transition plan to meet its ADA obligations for program accessibility under the Department of Justice’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II regulations 28 CFR Part 35.150 for pedestrian facilities located within the public roadway right-of-way.

As a provider of public transportation services and programs, the City of Lakeville must comply with this Act, and has developed a Transition Plan detailing how the City will ensure that all transportation facilities are accessible to all individuals. While the City has made considerable progress in ensuring accessibility for pedestrian facilities within the public right-of-way since the inception of the ADA in 1990, the preparation of a formal transition plan will provide momentum for continued accessibility improvements.  

The City of Lakeville must meet these general requirements for individuals with disabilities:

  • Access to all public programs and places
  • Modification of policies that deny equal access
  • Effective communication procedures
  • An ADA Coordinator that coordinates ADA compliance
  • Public notice of ADA requirements
  • Grievance procedure for resolution of complaints

The City of Lakeville’s goal is to provide ADA-accessible pedestrian design features as part of the City’s long-term transportation capital improvement plan (CIP). These standards and procedures will be kept up to date with nationwide and local best management practices for design of pedestrian facilities within public right-of-way.

The transition plan will assist with the prioritization of ADA accessibility improvements which will be made over a period of time as resources are available.

The City Council approved the plan at their August 5, 2019 meeting. 

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Lakeville’s ADA Title II Coordinator to oversee the City’s policies and procedures:

Zach Johnson, City Engineer
20195 Holyoke Avenue
952-985-4499 fax