Waste Haulers

The following waste and recycling haulers are licensed to do business in Lakeville.

Residential and/or commercial haulers

Commercial and multi-family dwellings only

Collection of residential garbage and recycling

The City Council established service areas to condense the number of days haulers are in each neighborhood from five days a week to just two days. The east side of the City is Wednesday/Thursday and the west side of the City is Tuesday/Wednesday. Residents are still free to pick the company of their choice among the five licensed residential haulers in Lakeville.

Download the waste hauler service areas map (PDF).

Licensing requirements

  • Obtain a City hauling license (not county)
  • Days and times service is allowed
  • Identify any differences haulers need to know for residential versus commercial
  • Unique city-specific information (e.g., if areas are zoned for collection days)

Lakeville City Code, Chapter 8: Mixed Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclables Collectors