City Council

Lakeville City Council Members are elected at-large to represent the entire community and are empowered by law to legislate citywide policy. This includes the authority to pass and enforce ordinances, establish public and administrative policies, create advisory boards and commissions, and manage the City's financial operations including preparing a budget, auditing expenditures, and transacting other City business as required by law. The City Council also serves as the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) for the City. The City Council appoints a City Administrator who directs City staff on implementation of Council decisions and providing day-to-day City operations.
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Doug Anderson 
Mayor Doug Anderson
First elected to Council: January 1, 2013
First elected as Mayor: January 3, 2017
Re-elected as Mayor: January 1, 2019
Term expires: December 31, 2022

 Luke Hellier
Council Member Luke Hellier 
First elected to Council: January 3, 2017
Term expires: December 31, 2020
Joshua Lee 
Council Member Joshua Lee 
First elected to Council: January 1, 2019
Term expires: December 31, 2022
 Michelle Volk
Council Member Michelle Volk
First elected to Council: January 1, 2019
Term expires: December 31, 2022
Brian Wheeler 
Council Member Brian Wheeler
First elected to Council: January 3, 2017
Term expires: December 31, 2020

Contact the City Council

  • Send an email to all five City Council members simultaneously.
  • To contact the City Council by phone, call 952-985-4410 to leave a message. You will receive a reply in a timely manner.
  • To contact City Council members individually, use the contact information below.
  • Mayor Doug Anderson has office hours at City Hall on Mondays from 3 to 5 p.m. Call 952-985-4403 to schedule an appointment.


  • The 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. (moved to Tuesday if a holiday falls on a Monday)
  • City Hall, 20195 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville MN 55044
During those times you can watch the meetings live on this website. If a holiday occurs on the meeting date, the Council meets on the following evening. Council meetings are televised on Spectrum channel 180 or Frontier channel 184, and are also available for online viewing after each meeting.

You can request interpretive services or a hearing assist device by calling 952-985-4407 and giving us a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Most Recent City Council Activity

Archived Council Agendas, Minutes, Videos

Council agendas, minutes and meeting videos for the past three months are posted here. If you are looking for agendas or minutes from prior meetings not listed, call the City Clerk at 952-985-4404 or browse the electronic archives in our Laserfiche system.

Meeting date Agenda Minutes
October 19, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Not yet available
October 5, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Minutes
September 28, 2020 - work session (audio only) Agenda (PDF) Minutes
September 21, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Minutes
September 8, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Minutes
August 31, 2020 - special meeting Agenda (PDF) Minutes
August 24, 2020 - work session (audio only) Agenda (PDF) Minutes
August 17, 2020 Agenda (PDF)  Minutes
August 3, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Minutes
July 27, 2020 - work session (audio only) Agenda (PDF) Minutes
July 20, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Minutes 

Watch City Council Meetings

Mission Statement

The City of Lakeville provides the foundation for healthy neighborhoods and successful businesses by investing in comprehensive planning, high-quality and efficient services, citizen participation, and effective partnerships.

Envision Lakeville

In 2013 the Lakeville City Council initiated a citywide visioning process called Envision Lakeville (PDF). The purpose of the visioning process was to bring people together to share opinions and ideas about what they "envision" for the future of Lakeville. The process included input from residential, commercial, and industrial property owners as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations and a task force of community members appointed by the City Council.

For more information, visit the Envision Lakeville webpage.

2020 Legislative Priorities 

As the 2020 Minnesota State Legislature gets underway, there will be many legislative initiatives and bills considered.  The adoption of legislative priorities is intended to portray the City's positions on a variety of issues and to communicate to our residents, legislators, county and state officials, lobbying organizations and other interested parties Lakeville’s position on a variety of significant legislative topics. The document has been reformatted and the legislative priorities updated to focus on the most important issues facing the City that have the greatest chance of receiving attention during the legislative year.  These issues include:

  • State Mandates on Local Authority
  • Infrastructure Fees
  • Interstate 25 Capacity Expansion/Metro Orange Line Extension
  • Expansion of Wine and Strong Beer Sales in Grocery/C-Stores
As in previous years the document also lists additional legislative priorities and initiatives that are important to the city that will be monitored throughout the legislative session in case the issues arise.

Review a summary of the legislative priorities (PDF) or the complete report of the City of Lakeville's 2020 Legislative Priorities (PDF) as adopted at the January 21, 2020 City Council meeting. If you have any questions regarding the legislative priorities, contact the City of Lakeville Administration Department at 952-985-4403.

School Road Safety Task Force Report

The School Road Safety Task Force (PDF) was formed in response to calls for safety improvements to County and City roads as well as calls to improve the ability of students to safely walk or ride bicycles to and from their schools.