Water Pressure

Your water pressure is determined by the elevation of water towers in relation to the elevation of your home. The lower the elevation of your home compared to the tower elevation, the higher your water pressure will be.

Some areas of Lakeville have relatively high water pressure. Homes with high pressure have a pressure reducing valve (PRV) in place to control pressure levels. If you notice banging pipes, or a "water hammer," it is possible your PRV has malfunctioned.

For assistance or PRV replacement, contact the Utilities Division at 952-985-2700.

If you are experiencing low water pressure, try bypassing your water softener. There should be either a push button or valves that say push or turn to bypass. They will be close to the water lines entering and exiting the softener. If bypassing the softener does not return the pressure to normal, remove the aerator from the faucet. If there are small beads plugging the aerator they will need to be flushed from the plumbing fixtures. The beads are from the water softener that has failed.

If the pressure hasn’t returned to normal after bypassing the softener, contact the Utilities Division at 952-985-2700.