Residential Rental Property Registration

The Lakeville City Council adopted an ordinance in September 2023 to require residential rental property registration. The purpose of the ordinance is to build strong partnerships with rental property owners to ensure that rental housing in the City is decent, safe and sanitary. 

Registration helps the City of Lakeville identify rental properties and creates an opportunity for the City to provide educational materials to property owners and occupants of residential rental properties. Registration also builds an up-to-date rental property contact list in case of an emergency and, in turn, provides rental property owners with a city liaison to help address problems or answer questions. The ordinance applies to all residential units that are rental as defined by the ordinance, with exception for licensed facilities, hotels or motels and an owner-occupied dwelling unit.

Registration Requirement

If you are a residential property owner, please take a few minutes to fill out the registration form below. There is no fee to register, but the ordinance does make registration mandatory (no city inspections are required). Registration is required on a one-time basis, unless contact information or property ownership changes. Note: If you own more than one rental property, you must complete a form for each property.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in registering your rental property/properties!

Dakota County Requirements

Dakota County Ordinance 110 has several recycling requirements regarding multifamily properties. More information can be found at Contact Dakota Valley Recycling at 952-895-4559 or for assistance in getting your property in compliance with Dakota County requirements.

City Liaison

Kati Bachmayer, Economic Development Manager

Residential Rental Property Registration Form

  1. Best contact number for person responsible for the property. This may be the complex phone number, Property Owner number or Rental Manager number.

  2. Rental Manager or Property Owner serving as Rental Manager

    The Rental Registration Ordinance requires that a Rental Manager be designated for the care and control of the rental property. The Property Owner may serve as the Rental Manager.

  3. I verify that:*
  4. Background check*

    Does the residential property owner or rental manager conduct a criminal background check on each and every residential tenant over the age of 18?

  5. Written lease*

    Does a written lease exist for each and every residential rental property and unit dwelling thereon?

  6. Lease addendum*

    Does a written lease addendum commonly known as a “Drug Free/Crime Free Lease Addendum” exist for each and every written lease?

  7. I verify that:*
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