Envision Lakeville Community Conversations on Race

The Envision Lakeville Cultivate a Sense of Community Taskforce exists to support and further enhance the City of Lakeville’s community vision, and to address and enhance the short-term and long-term strategies that foster opportunities for all to feel a sense of belonging within the City of Lakeville. 

The taskforce was established by the City Council on June 21, 2021 and is expected to present a final report by July 1, 2022. Meetings of the taskforce will be at the discretion of the group, but at a minimum will meet once per quarter. The taskforce will have nine members and will elect a chairperson and secretary among the group.

During the summer of 2020, the Lakeville City Council formed a workgroup to advise the City on conducting a series of community conversations on race. The workgroup is made up of a broad cross-section of Lakeville residents who expressed interest in serving the community. The workgroup continues to meet and is making progress on setting up future citywide conversations.

Meeting DateMinutes
March 17, 2021Minutes (PDF)
February 27, 2021Minutes (PDF)
January 6, 2021Minutes (PDF)
December 16, 2020Minutes (PDF)
December 9, 2020Minutes (PDF)
November 16, 2020Minutes (PDF)
November 4, 2020Minutes (PDF)
October 28, 2020Minutes (PDF)
October 21, 2020Minutes (PDF)
October 14, 2020Minutes (PDF)
October 7, 2020Minutes (PDF)
September 30, 2020Minutes (PDF)
September 23, 2020Minutes (PDF)
September 9, 2020Minutes (PDF)
August 25, 2020Minutes (PDF)